Re: file as a directory

From: Hans Reiser
Date: Mon Dec 20 2004 - 12:23:20 EST

Horst von Brand wrote:

Can you point me to any such literature? I'm just curious.

Look in every field of cs except filesystems and kernels.;-)

Right. Smart people are found elsewhere only.

There is a huge pile of innovations by the database field that filesystems people do not yet make use of. The merits of interdisciplinary study are understood by many.

Databases, garbage collectors, etc.

Everthing stuff that works on the assumption that what they are working on
fits in RAM (or can overflow into swap space in a pinch), and that RAM is
fast (and even so they are infuriatingly slow). And disks are usually a few
thousand times larger than RAM (more stuff to shuffle around) and a million
times slower...

Specific reference, no, I didn't collect them, sorry, but alexander the befs driver guy knows more than I about this.

Furious handwaving doesn't make it true.

Ok, go talk to the befs driver guy, and you'll find out he has already done work on it.

If his work does not satisfy you, sorry, I do detailed research just before coding, not to satisfy some guy on lkml.
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