Re: [nptl] Re: OSDL Bug 3770

From: Sebastien Decugis
Date: Tue Dec 21 2004 - 05:19:16 EST

> note that my -RT patchset includes scheduler changes that implement
> "global RT scheduling" on SMP systems. Give it a go, it's at:
> you have to enable CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT to active this feature.

> anyway, the first step would be to try this scheduler and give feedback
> of how well it works for you :-)

Thanks Ingo, this sounds very nice!

I'll try this hopefully before Christmas and give a status with this
patch applied.

Best regards,

Sebastien DECUGIS
NPTL Test & Trace Project

"You may fail if you try.
You -will- fail if you don't."

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