Re: OSDL Bug 3770

From: Loic Domaigne
Date: Tue Dec 21 2004 - 07:09:30 EST

Hello Nick,

> >Does Linux tolerate hard CPU binding? By hard CPU binding, I mean
> >that the application tells the scheduler "I want to run there",
> >and the scheduler schedules the thread(s) "there" regardless if it
> >makes sense or not ( The decision is left to the application).
> Yes, it does support hard CPU binding - sched_setaffinity

Yes, I believe that /sched_setaffinity()/ offers a practical solution to the
problem we are faced.

But I am eager to try the RT-patchset of Ingo.

> [snip interesting dialogue]
> Thanks for your detailed comments, they were interesting.

... Glad to hear. You're welcome!


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