Re: Gurus, a silly question for preemptive behavior

From: Paulo Marques
Date: Tue Dec 21 2004 - 14:26:46 EST

jesse wrote:
I already said in the messsage that my user space
application has a low nice priority, i set it to 10.
since my application has low priority compared to
other user space applications, it is supposed to be
interrupted. but it is not.

The confusion comes from "low nice priority". The lower the nice value the higher the priority.

Anyway, you still haven't give enough data to analyze. What does your application do? Is it I/O intensive? If it is, it could be that the kernel itself is hogging the CPU doing I/O on behalf of a low prio process (priority, specially in 2.4, only affects CPU distribution and not I/O). How do you know it's not being preempted? What is your .config? What patches do you have applied? And finally, why don't you upgrade to a 2.6 kernel :) ?

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