Re: Gurus, a silly question for preemptive behavior

From: Con Kolivas
Date: Tue Dec 21 2004 - 16:37:28 EST

jesse wrote:
I already said in the messsage that my user space
application has a low nice priority, i set it to 10.
since my application has low priority compared to
other user space applications, it is supposed to be
interrupted. but it is not.

If your task is better priority the scheduler will make it preempt the worse priority task. It sounds to me like you are complaining that the worse priority task is still getting cpu? If so, you misunderstand priority - it orders tasks according to priority giving lower latency and preemptive behaviour to the better task, and gives _more_ cpu but not all the cpu. The cpu must still be shared, but with more cpu distributed to the better priority task. If you want your better priority task to get _all_ the cpu you have to use real time scheduling.


P.S. Please dont top post when replying, it's hard to follow an email thread to see what you're replying to if you do that. These threads can get very long and confusing.

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