Re: PROBLEM: Network hang: "eth0: Tx timed out (f0080), is buffer full?"

From: Richard Ems
Date: Wed Dec 22 2004 - 04:32:14 EST

Jon, thanks for the last patch, it applied without errors or warnings.
But the NIC is still hanging.
Here the last hang data. Do you need the "Tx timed out" lines? I apparently didn't wait long enough for this timeout to trigger ...
Is it a 5 min timeout?

Dec 22 10:00:37 urutu kernel: eth0: HostError! IntStatus 0082. 216 59 248001a0 7c2
Dec 22 10:02:24 urutu kernel: nfs: server jupiter not responding, still trying
Dec 22 10:02:55 urutu last message repeated 7 times
Dec 22 10:03:52 urutu last message repeated 3 times
Dec 22 10:04:14 urutu kernel: nfs: server jupiter not responding, still trying
Dec 22 10:06:07 urutu syslogd 1.4.1: restart.

The folks at SuSE corrected several bugs in a new kernel just released, some of them are IP related. Is something related to the problem you are seeing?

1) problem description, brief discussion

Linux kernel

Several vulnerabilities have been found and fixed in the Linux

Paul Starzetz reported that the missing serialization in
unix_dgram_recvmsg() which was added to kernel 2.4.28 can
be used by a local attacker to gain elevated privileges (root
access). This issue is tracked by the Mitre CVE ID CAN-2004-1068.

Paul Starzetz and Georgi Guninski reported independently that bad
argument handling and bad integer arithmetics in the IPv4 sendmsg
handling of control messages could lead to a local attacker crashing
the machine.
This problem was fixed by Herbert Xu and is tracked by the Mitre
CVE ID CAN-2004-1016.

Georgi Guninski reported a memory leak in the IP option handling
of the IPv4 sendmsg call.

Paul Starzetz found bad handling in the kernel IGMP code, which
could lead to a local attacker being able to crash the machine.
This problem was fixed by Chris Wright and is tracked by the Mitre
CVE ID CAN-2004-1137.

Olaf Kirch found and fixed a problem in the RPC handling in the
kernel of SUSE Linux 9.1, 9.2, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
which could lead to a remote attacker crashing the machine.

A local denial of service problem in the aio_free_ring system call
could allow a local attacker to crash the machine.

A problem in the memory management handling of ELF executables could
lead to a local attacker crashing the machine with a handcrafted
ELF binary. (This is a VMA overlap problem and not related to
earlier ELF problems.)

A buffer overflow in the system call handling in the 32bit system
call emulation on AMD64 / Intel EM64T systems was fixed. It is not
thought to be exploitable.

A memory leak in the ip_conntrack_ftp firewalling module was fixed
in the 2.6 kernels.

Various UML security issues in the SUSE Linux 9.2 UML setup
were fixed.

Additionally some non-security bugs were fixed in the released

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 and SUSE Linux 8.1:
- A memory leak in addition / removal of SCSI target devices was

- A race condition in SCSI I/O accounting which could lead to
erroneous reports on SCSI disk I/O was fixed.

- S390: Patches from IBM have been installed in the S/390
architecture, both for 32 and 64bit.
Refer to the maintenance information mail for the full change log.

- The "memfrac" and "lower_zone_reserve" kernel parameters had
no effect since they were used before kernel command line parsing.

- PowerPC: Missing synchronization that could lead to processes
hanging in signal delivery was added.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and SUSE Linux 9.1:
- A vfree() was called with interrupts disabled in the SCSI generic
device handling, which could lead to a hanging machine.

- A race condition between a file unlink and umount could lead to a
machine crash.

- Fixed a small memory leak in bio_copy_user().

- cdrecord -scanbus could crash the kernel when using the "gdth" SCSI

- Allow reading from zero page (/dev/zero) using O_DIRECT/rawio.

- Fixed some LSB issues in the fcntl compatibility handling.

- The st (SCSI tape) driver did not pass on generic SCSI ioctl
commands to the SCSI mid layer.

SUSE Linux 9.2:
- The kernel installation routines did not call depmod for the modules
in the -nongpl RPMs, so they could not be loaded.
This lead to non working USB modem drivers and similar.
This problem was fixed.

- A Problem with mounting iPods over FireWire was fixed.

- A data corruption problem in the megaraid driver was fixed.

- A pageattr overflow condition in the memory subsystem
and missing TLB flush if multiple pages were passed were fixed.

- Allow reading from zeropage with O_DIRECT/rawio.

- Do not restart the system on ACPI events after power down.
(Make it no longer start on opening the lid of just shutdown
laptops for instance.)

- New memory imbalance handling handling by Andrea leading
to better Out Of Memory (OOM) handling was added.

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