kernel-source bug for sparc architecture

From: Regis Leclerc
Date: Wed Dec 22 2004 - 13:16:53 EST


I am compiling kernel 2.6.9 on a sparc32 architecture (SUN4C) with
GCC3.3.4, and found that drivers/video/bw2.c has a compilation problem
on line 389.

There is a call that passes &options as 2nd argument, but the "options"
variable isn't defined anywhere.

In drivers/video/cg6.c there is the same kind of call, but it passes
NULL instead of &options, so I altered bw2.c to replace &options with
NULL, so the compilation can go on (it's a part of the make image part).

I am not a specialist of video drivers on sparc32 (I have a CG6,
anyway), but I'm reporting this compilation problem so a true specialist
of this part of the code can raise an eyebrow on it.

thank you for your attention,
Regis Leclerc <regis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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