[2.6] ethertap and af_inet.c assertion failures

From: Simon Roscic
Date: Wed Dec 22 2004 - 13:55:33 EST

(please cc me, as iÂm not subscribed to lkml - thanks)


today i upgraded my kernel from 2.6.9-rc2 to 2.6.10-rc3-bk12, now i get the
following assertion failures while using the (closed source) phion vpn client,
the vpn client uses ethertap, there are no closed source kernel modules or the

KERNEL: assertion (!atomic_read(&sk->sk_wmem_alloc)) failed at
net/ipv4/af_inet.c (150)

when the kernel prints out the above message the connection for the program
using the vpn gets stuck - it happens very often if i use rdesktop, but it
also happens when i just use ssh, so the bug may be triggered more often when
there is more traffic over the vpn tunnel.

i tried with some other 2.6 kernel releases:

up to and including 2.6.9-rc2: no problem
2.6.9-rc3 does not boot on my machine
2.6.9-rc4 assertion failed as explained above
2.6.9 assertion failed as explained above

so it seems ethertap got broken somewhere post 2.6.9-rc2.
any ideas what got changed post 2.6.9-rc2 wich might cause this?

thanks for looking at this problem, if i can provide more information, just
contact me.

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