From: William Lee Irwin III
Date: Thu Dec 23 2004 - 01:38:53 EST

Here it is. All sparc32 updates.

Most critical here are the HyperSPARC and sun4d updates as they get
things booting that weren't before, though neither fixes things all
the way. Another pretty nasty failure-to-boot issue that brings down
distro kernels is also resolved with Jurij Smakov's initrd memcpy() fix.

The main purpose of all this is so that sparc32 hackers and users can
see what's in and what isn't so they can complain about the fixes that
didn't get in and then I can include those when they remind me.

Available from:

+ linus.patch
sync with last night's bk
+ fix-hypersparc-dvma.patch
fix DVMA on UP HyperSPARC
+ newport-sun4d.patch
Christ Newport and Thomas Bogendoerfer's sun4d work
+ jurij-initrd-memcpy.patch
Jurij Smakov's memcpy() fixes
+ svr4-setcontext-return.patch
return something in an error path of svr4_setcontext()
+ pcic-warnings.patch
kill off some warnings in pcic.c
+ sunsu-warnings.patch
kill off some warnings in sunsu.c
+ rtc-warnings.patch
kill off some sparc RTC driver warnings
+ vm-fault-codes.patch
fix up VM fault code handling
+ spot-floppy-fix.patch
Tom Callaway's include/asm-sparc/floppy.h fixes
+ spot-exit-fix.patch
Tom Callaway's include/asm-sparc/unistd.h fixes
+ defconfig-update.patch
Tentative defconfig update. Bug wli if you want an option
turned on in the defconfig.
+ kropelin-breuer-cg6.patch
Adam Kropelin and Bob Breuer's cg6 fixes

-- wli
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