setting gpio on MX1

From: Mildred Frisco
Date: Thu Dec 23 2004 - 06:16:30 EST


I am using an MX1-based board and would like to use one of its GPIO
pins for interrupt. I tried to initlialize it in
arch/arm/mach-xxx/arch.c by the __fixup function. Here's the part of
the code I added ...

#include <asm/arch/mx1board-gpio.h>

/* Configure interrupt setting, for bitnum of port configured as input.
* */
void mx1board_init_gpio(void)
int i,j;

void mx1board_init_devices(void)

static void __init
mx1skx4043_fixup(struct machine_desc *desc, struct param_struct *unused,
char **cmdline, struct meminfo *mi)



I've generated a kernel image but it only goes until "Uncompressing linux..."
The kernel booted successfully when this part is not included yet.

Or maybe I am initializing the gpio in the wrong place or I forgot to
call an some function. Is the kernel console already enabled by this
time so I can see the kernel messages?

Thanks in advance,
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