Re: 2.6.10-rc3, i386: fpu handling on sigreturn

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Thu Dec 23 2004 - 06:30:46 EST

> Sorry, I don't agree. AFAICS, if used_math isn't reset, on the next
> attempt of the process to use the fpu, it will be reloaded with the
> values, that come from the sighandler and that still reside in
> thread.i387. Thus, clear_cpu() without resetting used_math has no
> effect to the userspace task.
> Resetting current->used_math to 0 would make math_state_restore()
> calling init_fpu(), that clears thread.i387 before the fpu is loaded.

Ok I agree. I revised the patch here.


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