Re: pc stalling when processing large files [2.6.9]

From: bert hubert
Date: Thu Dec 23 2004 - 08:12:40 EST

On Thu, Dec 23, 2004 at 12:09:10PM +0100, Folkert van Heusden wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a P-III with 384MB of ram running kernel 2.6.9. It has one IDE disk.
> When processing a large mailbox with sa-learn (the bayes learn tool of
> spamassassin), the system gets very unresponsive. Like: when typing commands
> on it via ssh, the system doesn't respond several times for seconds (1 or 2
> maybe 3). Then when I continue to type, it gets a little better but when
> idling for say 10 seconds it gets unresponsive again. The large mailbox is
> aprox 200MB.

Sounds obvious, but can you show the output of hdparm /dev/hda ? You have
IDE DMA support enabled, but does the kernel recognize your IDE controller?

What you describe vould very well be caused by DMA being switched off for

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