Re: Kernel BUG at slab.c:1128!

From: Zwane Mwaikambo
Date: Thu Dec 23 2004 - 11:39:53 EST

On Thu, 23 Dec 2004, Zhenyu Wu wrote:

> when i am going to add some code in the linux kernel source code, i meet such
> questions:
> kernel BUG at slab.c: 1128
> Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
> In interrupt handler -not syncing.
> Reading from slab.c 1128, there is a check -in_interrupt(), have called some
> fuctions in the interrupt handler?
> But i just use "Kmalloc" to allocate some memory, is it the matter?

If you want to call kmalloc from interrupt context you have to do it with
the GFP_ATOMIC flag to specify that you do not want to sleep, in which
case there is an increased chance that your request won't be met so you
have to have error handling in case of allocation failure.
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