Re: 2.6.11-rc3-mm2

From: Olaf Dietsche
Date: Sat Feb 12 2005 - 17:44:25 EST

Christoph Hellwig <hch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 02:35:08AM -0800, Andrew Morton wrote:
>> - Added the mlock and !SCHED_OTHER Linux Security Module for the audio guys.
>> It seems that nothing else is going to come along and this is completely
>> encapsulated.
> Even if we accept a module that grants capabilities to groups this isn't fine
> yet because it only supports two specific capabilities (and even those two in
> different ways!) instead of adding generic support to bind capabilities to
> groups.

Unless I misunderstood the code, this one is available for
quite some time: <>
or a newer, self-contained version <>

Or you could use a real solution - filesystem capabilities:
<> and if you don't like
this one :-), there's also an alternative existing here:

Regards, Olaf.
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