Re: setserial is lieing to us, how to fix?

From: Alan Curry
Date: Tue Mar 08 2005 - 00:07:01 EST

Gene Heskett writes the following:
>I'm on the horn with another linux user, and we have a question re the
>setserial command. Its reporting the base baud rate, but not the
>actual. We need to know the actual settings in use at the moment for
>a serial port. How can we discover this?

stty speed -F /dev/ttyXY

The setserial spd_* options can affect speed but they are obsolete so you
shouldn't be using them. If stty says 38400 then the setserial spd_* is in
effect. If spd_normal, then 38400 means 38400. If spd_hi, then 38400 means
57600. If spd_vhi, then 38400 means 115200. If spd_shi, then 38400 means
230400. If spd_warp, then 38400 means 460800. Then there's spd_cust, which is
more weird.
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