RE: [ACPI] s4bios: does anyone use it?

From: Li, Shaohua
Date: Tue Mar 08 2005 - 00:26:56 EST

>> >
>> > Is there single user of s4bios? It used to work for me 4 notebooks
>> > ago, but I never really used it.
>> I don't have anymore my toshiba laptop where S4 bios was first
>> implemented.
>> > I think I'm the only person that ever
>> > seen it working, but I could be wrong.
>> You are indeed wrong.
>Okay, so we had 2 users in past but have 0 users now? :-).
I wonder how could anyone use S4BIOS in 2.6.11. S4 and S4b all came into
'enter_state'. and in acpi_sleep_init:

if (i == ACPI_STATE_S4) {
if (acpi_gbl_FACS->S4bios_f) {
sleep_states[i] = 1;
printk(" S4bios");
acpi_pm_ops.pm_disk_mode =
if (sleep_states[i])
acpi_pm_ops.pm_disk_mode =
That means we actually can't set PM_DISK_FIRMWARE (always set
PM_DISK_PLATFORM). Is this intended? If no, .pm_disk_mode should be a

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