Re: Oops tracing and /proc

From: Dave Jones
Date: Wed Mar 09 2005 - 00:45:08 EST

On Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 12:36:27AM -0500, Lee Revell wrote:
> I am trying to decode an Oops per the instructions in
> Documentation/oops-tracing.txt. The instructions say to run it through
> ksymoops with the "-k /proc/ksyms" argument.
> But, I do not have this file! The closest thing I have
> is /proc/kallsyms. ksymoops complains that it does not understand the
> syntax of this file.
> What am I doing wrong?

If you have CONFIG_KALLSYMS enabled, you don't need ksymoops
as the backtrace gets decoded to symbol names for you.

The only use for ksymoops in a 2.6 kernel is probably the
disassembly of the Code: line.


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