Re: size of /proc/kcore grows?

From: Christian Kujau
Date: Wed Mar 09 2005 - 08:25:34 EST

Tony Luck wrote:
> Take a look at the driver (fs/proc/kcore.c) that creates this pseudo-file.

will do ;)

> Initially the size of the file is set from the size of your memory.
> Reading the file has the side-effect of setting up the ELF headers to make
> this look like an ELF file ... in fact a sparse one. Use "objdump" (with the
> "-p" flag I think) to show the headers, and you'll see which offsets in the file
> correspond to which kernel virtual addresses.

ah, well. i was just curious, why the file on the filesystem did not grow
beyond 4 times of the size of the ram. i just reproduced it on another
machine, booted with "mem=48M" and "dd" tried to write out a file until
E_NOSPACE happens, just as expected.

thank you,
BOFH excuse #133:

It's not plugged in.
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