Re: RFD: Kernel release numbering

From: Chris Friesen
Date: Wed Mar 09 2005 - 10:59:43 EST

szonyi calin wrote:

Let me tell you what i understood from this thread:
2.6.12 "almost stable"
2.6.13 devel (new drivers,fixes and stuff -- may be broken)
2.6.14 (based on 2.6.13) tries to became stable again
2.6.15 also devel (see above)
2.6.16 (based on 2.6.15) also tries to became stable again

So we will _want_ to have a stable kernel (like 2.4 now) but this will never happen (see above)

No. Linus' proposal was shouted down.

What is happening is that Linus will continue to release 2.6.x as usual, with no even/odd stuff.

Then a review committee will maintain 2.6.x.y (where y starts at 1 and increments). This will contain obvious fixes against 2.6.x. When Linus comes out with 2.6.x+1, then they will start a new stable tree 2.6.x+1.y.

Please see the thread entitled "[RFC] -stable, how it's going to work.", started by Greg KH for more information on the "stable" release process.

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