Re: dm-crypt vs. cryptoloop reminder

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Thu Mar 10 2005 - 08:59:21 EST


> > 2.6.3-mm1 'dm-crypt vs. cryptoloop' discussion was some time ago, it is
> > time to bring this up again:
> >
> Are you a troll?
> This is not something to be quoted by anybody serious.
> Andrew referred to "well-known weaknesses" in cryptoloop,
> and when I inquired it turned out that what he referred to
> were properties of cryptoloop and dm-crypt alike, so that
> his remarks that started that discussion were misguided.
> Of course people may prefer dm-crypt or cryptoloop or loop-aes,
> just like people prefer ide-cd or ide-scsi.
> I have not yet seen a valid reason to deprecate one of these three
> very soon.

I'd say that "no-maintainer" + "maintained code can do the same" is enough, but...
I thought that ide-scsi was deprecated, too?

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