binary drivers and development

From: John Richard Moser
Date: Thu Mar 10 2005 - 11:41:17 EST

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I've been looking at the UDI project[1] and thinking about binary
drivers and the like, and wondering what most peoples' take on these are
and what impact that UDI support would have on the kernel's development.

I know the immediate first reactions are probably "Portable drivers are
slow" and "We don't support closed source crap." I think benchmarks are
needed, and closed drivers can always be replaced by rewritten open
ones. Really critical drivers that need the extra few microseconds can
always be low-level instead of abstracted.

The major considerations I come across mainly involve development focus
and kernel tree size. UDI drivers would be separated from the kernel,
so their development would be focused; a driver fix would not warrent a
2.6, 2.4, and 2.2 patch, plus backports in 100 distributions (which
don't concern the LKML). They'd also be in their own tarball, so the
kernel tree size would be a lot smaller if most drivers were UDI, though
by how much I'm not sure.

I'm aware that drivers would have to be loaded to the kernel like this,
being separated. Aside from having the kernel build eat drivers from
some /lib/modules/udi/ directory, grub has a "module" command that can
load multiple modules. If the kernel used that to load drivers (does it
now?), an initrd wouldn't be needed; a very straightforward bootloader
configuration would come in its place.

There is a 2.4 UDI reference model out with SCSI and NIC driver support.
Perhaps some experimentation with these would be interesting, since the
disk and the network are performance focuses. I don't think the UDI
reference model is ready quite yet for mainline, but it's ready for some
cross-examination by unbiased kernel developers.


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