Re: [RFC] -stable, how it's going to work.

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Fri Mar 11 2005 - 02:10:02 EST

Chris Friesen <cfriesen@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Neil Brown wrote:
>> If a data corruption bug has been there for 10 weeks without being
>> noticed, then the real risk is not that great. We are calling it
>> "-release", not "-hardened".
> I disagree. If there's a simple, obvious, small fix that passes all
> the other criteria, it should go into -stable ASAP after passing
> review. Then the -stable maintainers will push the fix to
> Andrew/Linux, and it will go into the next 2.6.x.

No way, it needs to go into mainline first and then maybe later
into stable. Doing stable first would lead to code drift because
a lot of people would only care about stable and we would be back
in the bad old days when older kernels had more fixes than newer

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