Re: [ACPI] inappropriate use of in_atomic()

From: Jan Kasprzak
Date: Fri Mar 11 2005 - 04:14:56 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:
: in_atomic() is not a reliable indication of whether it is currently safe
: to call schedule().
: This is because the lockdepth beancounting which in_atomic() uses is only
: accumulated if CONFIG_PREEMPT=y. in_atomic() will return false inside
: spinlocks if CONFIG_PREEMPT=n.
: Consequently the use of in_atomic() in the below files is probably
: deadlocky if CONFIG_PREEMPT=n:
: drivers/acpi/osl.c

This may be the cause of

- I have recently verified that the problem described in bug #4150 disappears
when CONFIG_PREEMPT=y is used.


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