Re: [PATCH] updated, ethernet-bridge: update skb->priority in caseforwarded frame has VLAN-header

From: Stephen Hemminger
Date: Fri Mar 11 2005 - 12:44:14 EST

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 17:20:22 +0300
Leo Yuriev <leo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Kernel 2.6 (2.6.11)
> When ethernet-bridge forward a packet and such ethernet-frame has
> VLAN-tag, bridge should update skb->prioriry for properly QoS
> handling. This small patch does this.
> Based upon discussion during last week I added pskb_may_pull()
> checking and simple mapping from 802.1p/user_priority to skb->priority.
> Patch-by: Leo Yuriev <leo@xxxxxxxxx>

Do this as an ebtables module please.
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