Re: 2.6.Stable and EXTRAVERSION

From: Bill Davidsen
Date: Fri Mar 11 2005 - 16:04:38 EST

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, Chris Friesen wrote:

> Bill Davidsen wrote:


> > I think it will confuse scripts which expect something local in the 4th
> > field. I confess that I have such, and that field is turned into a
> > directory name during builds, so test results are saved in a proper
> > place. I think vendors and people who care will just keep three digits,
> > and those who want the last can make their EXTRAVERSION
> > 2.Joes_Bar_&_Grill_486
> > or whatever is needed.
> There's also the LOCALVERSION that can be set in the config file. I've
> switched to using that, since it means one less kernel patch to port.

I have to see what that generates. The problem is LOCALVERSION and current
use of both 3 and 4 field kernel versions. You need a smarter script to
handle that.

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