[PATCH 0/6] PCI Express Advanced Error Reporting Driver

From: long
Date: Fri Mar 11 2005 - 18:14:06 EST

PCI Express error signaling can occur on the PCI Express link itself
or on behalf of transactions initiated on the link. PCI Express
defines the Advanced Error Reporting capability, which is implemented
with a PCI Express advanced error reporting extended capability
structure, to provide more robust error reporting. With the Advanced
Error Reporting capability a PCI Express component, which detects an
error, can send an error message to the Root Port associated with
its hierarchy.

The PCI Express Advanced Error Reporting driver is a PCI Express Bus's
service driver to handle Advanced Error Reporting on Root Ports. The
PCI Express AER Root driver provides the following functions:

- A mechanism to allow a driver of a PCI Express component to
register/un-register its AER aware callback handle with the
PCI Express AER Root driver. This mechanism is provided as
an option to allow the PCI Express AER Root driver to query
the PCI Express component device driver to determine more
precisely which error and what severity occurred.

- A mechanism to process the error reporting message detected
by Root Ports, and

- Report the errors to user.

This patchset, which is based on Linux kernel 2.6.11-rc5, consists
of patches in numeric order as they should be applied.

[PATCH 1/6] <- first patch to be applied
[PATCH 2/6] <- second patch to be applied
[PATCH 3/6] <- third patch to be applied
[PATCH 4/6] <- fourth patch to be applied
[PATCH 5/6] <- fifth patch to be applied
[PATCH 6/6] <- last patch to be applied

Please send us any suggestions, feedback, comments or alternative

Signed-off-by: T. Long Nguyen <tom.l.nguyen@xxxxxxxxx>

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