Re: 2.6.11: USB broken on nforce4, ipv6 still broken, centrinospeedstep even more broken than in 2.6.10

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Fri Mar 11 2005 - 20:44:59 EST

(Added netdev cc)

Felix von Leitner <felix-linuxkernel@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Now about IPv6: npush and npoll are two applications I wrote. npush
> sends multicast announcements and opens a TCP socket. npoll receives
> the multicast announcement and connects to the source IP/port/scope_id
> of the announcement. If both are run on the same machine, npoll sees
> the link local address of eth0 as source IP, and the interface number of
> eth0 as scope_id. So far so good. Trying to connect() however hangs.
> Since this has been broken in different ways for as long as I can
> remember in Linux, and I keep complaining about it every half a year or
> so. Can't someone fix this once and for all? IPv4 checks whether we
> are connecting to our own address and reroutes through loopback, why
> can't IPv6?
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