Re: 2.6.11: USB broken on nforce4, ipv6 still broken, centrino speedstep even more broken than in 2.6.10

From: Stefan Rompf
Date: Sat Mar 12 2005 - 05:21:48 EST


Felix von Leitner wrote:

> Did I mention that I'm really tired of you putting stones into ATI's
> way? You might believe you have a right to piss everyone off, after all
> people get what they paid for. Or maybe you think you are on a crusade
> to promote open source software. But if you keep alienating me (I'm a
> software developer) like this, I spend more time working around this
> bullshit and less time writing free software. In the end, everyone
> loses. I sincerely hope some day you people are done pissing in the
> pool and can create at least some semblance of semi-stable APIs. This
> house is never going to be safe for living until you stop digging around
> the foundation.

I cannot agree more. Many developers and maintainers say they don't care about
binary modules - but I do have the impression a few of them care a lot by
doing changes in a way that they break the current NVIDIA drivers on every
new kernel release. As I read now, it seems to be the same way with ATI. Even
GPL drivers developed outside the kernel are disfigured over and over with
#ifdefs on KERNEL_VERSION.

While I fully understand that no developer wants to support binary modules, I
would appreciate a little less hostile behaviour. And btw., instable API
leads to an instable kernel because not everyone can follow the changes.

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