Re: current linus bk, error mounting root

From: Jon Smirl
Date: Sat Mar 12 2005 - 15:01:33 EST

On Sat, 12 Mar 2005 18:15:30 +0500, Alexander E. Patrakov
<patrakov@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Jon Smirl wrote:
> > Here's a big clue, if I build ata_piix in I can boot. If it is a
> > module I can't. The console output definitely shows that the module is
> > being loaded.
> Of course I am not an expert here, but I want to rule out some trivial
> userspace things first.
> Some time ago Greg KH said that even when the modprobe command returns, there
> is no guarantee that the module finished hardware detection. By rebuilding
> ata_piix as a non-module, you changed the timeline.
> Could you please, for debugging, recompile ata_piix as a module again, but add
> a "sleep 5" before the mkrootdev command? If that works, a bug (race) is
> officially in userspace.
> Sorry if all of the above is in fact just meaningless noise.

sleep 5 before mkrootdev fixes it. Attached is working dmesg with
module and sleep.

ata_piix had been working as a module for over a year so something
recent disturbed the timing.

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> Alexander E. Patrakov

Jon Smirl

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