nvidia fb licensing issue.

From: Dave Jones
Date: Sat Mar 12 2005 - 23:31:12 EST

The nvidia framebuffer code added recently is marked as
MODULE_LICENSE(GPL), but some things seem a little odd to me..

1. The boilerplate at the top of drivers/video/nvidia/nv_dma.h,
drivers/video/nvidia/nv_local.h, and drivers/video/nvidia/nv_hw.c
doesn't seem to be a GPL-compatible license. It seems to be an nvidia
specific license with an advertising clause, and something that
adds restrictions on rights of U.S. Govt end users.

2. Some of these files clearly came from XFree86 judging from
the CVS idents in the source. Was this XFree86 code
dual-licensed by its original authors ? If so, it isn't clear.


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