Feb/Mar Stats

From: Commission Dept.
Date: Sun Mar 13 2005 - 00:29:54 EST

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It's true. You will get stats emails like this very soon

Quickly, send me an email or call me and you will get real com.miss.ion
emails with this subject line and big, big comm_ission pa.yments from all
the bus_inesses you

To pro.ve it, for a limit_ed per_iod I will give.you 10 sign_ups (that will

p.a.y. to j.o.i.n. your bus.in.ess) and I will not ask you for a sin.gle
to get you star-ted. Use these to gen_erate an in.stant in.com_e.

Then sitback & watch the_sign_ups join_you inst_antly in their droves and
without you having to do much_at all.

At the end of March you will get comm_ission state_ments showing that you
have ear.ned tens_of thou_s_ands of doll_ars from your existing

Miss. this and def_in.it.ely miss.out on the ea-sie.st and fas.test mo.ney
that you will ever ma.ke from your bu.sin_ess opp.or-tuni.ty

You can call me on 00.44 - 791 - 365 - 8094 or +44. 791 - 365 - 8094 or
from USA 00.144
791 - 365 - 8094 or email me on wes33@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please ring my number if you can't get through via email. My number is a
normal_rate UK mobile telephone.

Good Luck Steve Browne

If you want to stop getting my emails please send me an email to
wes33@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with "US" in the subject.

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