Re: [CHECKER] crash + fsck cause file systems to contain loops(msdos and vfat, 2.6.11)

From: OGAWA Hirofumi
Date: Sun Mar 13 2005 - 06:54:20 EST

Junfeng Yang <yjf@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'm using dosfsck 2.10, 22 Sep 2003, FAT32, LFN, and yes,
> I do see root directory after I run dosfsck on the crashed disk
> image.

You can download fixed version of dosfsck at

(vanilla dosfsck-2.10 doesn't fix this corruption.)

> I'm checking 2.6.11. By "your testing tree didn't have my
> patches yet", you mean you have the patch but haven't made it
> public?

No. My patches was merged to linus tree at 2 or 3 days ago (merged
after 2.6.11 release). So, I guessed your tree didn't have my patches

> This "testing tree" is the Linux source tree?


OGAWA Hirofumi <hirofumi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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