Re: OSS Audio borked between 2.6.6 and 2.6.10

From: Greg Stark
Date: Sun Mar 13 2005 - 22:53:00 EST

Alistair John Strachan <s0348365@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The intel8x0 driver is probably one of the most widely used ALSA drivers, so
> I'd hope it wasn't broken!

I would have hoped so too at the time. Reporting it to the list didn't get any
response since it was already fixed upstream, but it took a while before it
was merged down to the linux tree.

Also, it seems chipsets can be wired up differently in different motherboards.
A driver can work perfectly for hundreds of boards and still fail on the same
chipset on another machine.

In any case "X code is broken" "why not use Y code instead" isn't really
productive. It's a good thing I was using the OSS drivers; if everyone used
the alsa drivers and nobody was testing the OSS drivers nobody would know they
were broken.


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