Re: mouse&keyboard with 2.6.10+

From: Michael Tokarev
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 14:09:14 EST

Vojtech Pavlik wrote:
In 2.6.9 (it works just fine too, problem happens with 2.6.10 and up
only), there's no such parameter in drivers/pci/quirks.c. Hmm.

Any chance the order of module loading changed between the two versions?
I see you have 'psmouse' as a module. If i8042 (and psmouse) are loaded
after uhci-hcd (or ohci-hcd), the problem will disappear, too.

Yes, the prob disappears if usb controller driver is loaded before the
mouse driver. Obviously I didn't know USB is "involved" here so I never
looked at the problem from this point of view before. Now when I looked
at it, I see I have uhci-hcd driver being loaded in my 2.6.9 initrd,
before mouse (I removed it after as it wasn't needed). I also tried
loading 2.6.9 without uhci-hcd but with USB keyboard/mouse enabled in
BIOS - the mouse is flaky too, similar to 2.6.10 behaviour.

Interesting. I was looking at the difference in input subsystem
between 2.6.9 and 2.6.10 -- obviously there's nothing relevant here! ;)

So is this a bios/mobo problem,


Never had any single problem with this hardware so far. But.. uh-oh.
Well.. it's only 2.6 kernel that encounters problem with it for now,
so it must be the kernel... ;)

or can it be solved in kernel somehow?

We could have usb-handoff by default.

What's the consequences of this?
If it does not hurt (does it?), why not to enable it?
And if it does not hurt, I can enable it in our default netboot
image as well.. if not to see whenever all our machines will work
ok with this parameter.

Thank you very much - this mysterious problem.. I was trying to
find the solution for quite some time before posting to LKML,
without any success, and the solution was already here! ;)

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