Linux 2.6.11-ac3

From: Alan Cox
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 15:13:29 EST

Almost entirely the update this time. Nice and simple because the
2.6.11.x is working out wonderfully.


o Merge in
o Make SATA AHCI error recovery work (Brett Russ)
o Watchdog link order (Dave Jones)
o Ressurect epca serial driver (Alan Cox)

o Merge (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
including epoll error handling (Georgi Guninski)
| Theoretically security
o Fix a couple of pwc warnings (Alan Cox)
o Ressurect esp serial driver (Alan Cox)

o Fix jbd race in ext3 (Stephen Tweedie)

Carried over from 2.6.10-ac

o AF_ROSE security hole fix - still missing from base
o Bridge failure to check kmalloc argument overflow

o PWC USB camera driver
o Working ULI526X support (added to base in .11 but broken)
o ATP88x support
o Intelligent misrouted IRQ handlers
o Fix PCI boxes that take minutes IDE probing
o Remove bogus confusing XFree86 keyboard message
o Support fibre AMD pcnet32
o Runtime configurable clock
| So you can run laptops usefully. Set 100Hz to fix
| the power drain, clock sliding and other problems
| 1000Hz causes
o Fix token ring locking so token ring can be used again
o x86_64/32 cross build fixes
o NetROM locking fixes (so NetROM actually works!)
o SUID dumpable support
o Don't log pointless CD messages
o Minimal stallion driver functionality
o IDE from 2.6-ac

o Correct LANANA URL

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