bad pgd/pmd in latest BK on ia64

From: Luck, Tony
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 17:15:23 EST

Trying to boot a build of the latest BK on ia64 I see
a series of messages like this:

mm/memory.c:99: bad pgd e0000001feba4000.
mm/memory.c:99: bad pgd e0000001febac000.
mm/memory.c:99: bad pgd e0000001febc0d10.
mm/memory.c:105: bad pmd f000eef3f0000200.
mm/memory.c:105: bad pmd f000eef3f000e2c3.
mm/memory.c:105: bad pmd f000ff54f000eef3.
mm/memory.c:105: bad pmd f000292cf0002984.

before the kernel gets an OOPS on a deref NULL
at resched_task+0x41/0x1a0.

2.6.11-bk9 boots ok, so this was added recently.

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