Re: [CHECKER] XFS doesn't respect mount -o sync (XFS, 2.6.11)

From: Nathan Scott
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 19:43:43 EST

On Sat, Mar 12, 2005 at 02:14:50AM -0800, Junfeng Yang wrote:
> Hi,
> We are from the Stanford Checker team and are working on a file system
> checker called FiSC. We checked XFS and found that even when a XFS
> partition is mounted -o sync, file system operations are still not sync'ed
> correctly.

Its -o wsync in XFS. This is the IRIX way, anyway - from a bit of
man page reading. We should be stitching that into -o sync a bit
better in XFS. The combination of -o wsync,sync should get you the
equivalent behaviour at the moment though, I think.

> We are not sure if this is the expected behavior on XFS or not, so your
> inputs on this are well appreciated.

Try using -o wsync for your tests, I'll look into our interpretation
of -o sync in XFS in the meantime.


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