Re: [swsusp/ppc] Re: What's going on here ?

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 21:23:04 EST

> rjw and hugang did (pretty neccessary) changes to base swsusp (pagedir
> table -> pagedir linklist), that unfortunately needed update to all
> the assembly parts. It was series 1/3 update core, i386 and x86-64,
> 2/3 update ppc, 3/3 introduce initramfs.
> This is the offending patch I believe (but the version that was merged
> was From: me, without code changes).
> I realized that patch does more than changing from table to linklist,
> but it looked mostly okay, so I forwarded it. Sorry.

It does more than that ... it _adds_ swsusp to ppc ! swsusp wasn't in
mainline at all for ppc because I consider it not ready. And even the
asm change should go through me anyway since i wrote that code and I'm
not sure they know all the possible "issues" with that code.

> So, what to do now?
> a) just revert it
> or
> b) revert pmac_setup.c and via-pmu parts and Kconfig part
> or
> c) just disable Kconfig part and fix it up with incremental patches

I'll decide later today. I may well keep it and do the cleanup I had in
mind on top of this, which means merging the pmac suspend-to-ram with
the common infrastructure. But that will need some changes & hooks to
the core swsusp.


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