Re: huge filesystems

From: jmerkey
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 23:52:13 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:

jmerkey <jmerkey@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I don't recall you reporting any of them. How can we expect to fix
>anything if we aren't told about it?
> >
I report them when I can't get around them myself. I've been able to get
around most of them.

Jeff, that's all take and no give.

Please give: what problems have you observed in the current VFS for devices
and files less than 16TB?u

1. Scaling issues with readdir() with huge numbers of files (not even huge really. 87000 files in a dir takes a while
for readdir() to return results). I average 2-3 million files per directory on 2.6.9. It can take a up to a minute for
readdir() to return from initial reading from on of these directories with readdir() through the VFS.

2. NFS performance and stability issues with mapping NFS on top of dsfs. All sorts of problems (performance)
with system slowdowns -- in some cases can copy a file to a floppy system to system faster than I can copy over
100 mbit ethernet.

3. RCU and interrupt state problems with concurrent Network I/O and VFS interaction. Lots of places, I
reordered the code in these sections to hold more course grained locking.

4. BIO multiple chained requests has never worked correctly, so I have to submit 4K / BIO always. The design
and concept behind BIO's was great -- the implementation has a lot of problems. When I submit a chain
larger than 32 MB of 4K pages, the system looses state and the BIO's don't get returned or completed. And I see
some bizarre error returns from sumission. Jens classic response is always "Merkey you don't understand the interface" --
I have the code, I understand quite well, it does not work as advertised with these big sizes.

5. Files larger than 2TB work fine through the VFS provided I force mmap to use the internal interface. Files larger than
4 TB also seem to work fine. I have also tested with files larger than 7TB, they also seem to work fine. I have not tested
individual files larger than 10 TB yet, but this will be happening in a month or so based on the units we are selling. When I
enable page cache mmap through the VFS, the system gets into trouble with these five memory pools from hell (slab, and the
various allocators in Linux -- I would think one byte level allocator would be enough) and the system has problems with
low memory conditions. I don't use the buffer cache because I post these huge coalesced sector runs to disk and need
memory in contuguous chunks, so the page cache/buffer cache don't optimize well in dsfs. I am achieving over 700 MB/S
megabytes per second to disk with custom hardware with the architecture I am using -- 6 % processor utilization on 2.6.9.

6. fdisk does not support drives arger than 2TB, so I have to hack the partition tables and fake out dsfs with 3TB abd 4TB
drives created with RAID 0 controllers and hardware. This needs to get fixed.

I will always give back changes to GPL code if folks ask for them -- buy an appliance through OSDL (they are really cool)
and request the GPL changes to Linux and I'll provide it as requested.

Order one from Ask for Troy.


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