Re: [PATCH][RFC] Make /proc/<pid> chmod'able

From: Rene Scharfe
Date: Tue Mar 15 2005 - 10:29:05 EST

Albert Cahalan wrote:
Note that the admin hopefully does not normally run as root.
The admin should be using a normal user account most of the
time, to reduce the damage caused by his accidents.

Openwall and GrSecurity solved this by having a special group that can see everything, just like root. E.g. we could add a proc.gid kernel boot option for that purpose.

Even if the admin were not running as a normal user, it is
expected that normal users can keep tabs on each other.
The admin may be sleeping. Social pressure is important to
prevent one user from sucking up all the memory and CPU time.

IANAL, but creating a user profile (who ran what when, used how many resources etc.) without the user's consent is illegal at least here in Germany. As an admin I'd like to be able to prevent a user from even trying to spy on another user.

Anything provided by traditional UNIX and BSD systems
should be available. Users who want privacy can get their
own computer. So, these need to work:

ps -ef
ps -el
ps -ej
ps axu
ps axl
ps axj
ps axv

If with "work" you mean "show info about all users" then the patch becomes pointless. The programs "work" in the sense that they do *not* should "cloaked" processes, which is intended. :)

OK, I understand that you need to be able to turn this feature off and I also don't want non-root admins to suddenly go blind. Would adding a proc.gid kernel parameter and an off-switch be sufficient for you?

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