Re: [PATCH][1/2] SquashFS

From: Phillip Lougher
Date: Tue Mar 15 2005 - 12:44:39 EST

Matt Mackall wrote:
On Tue, Mar 15, 2005 at 03:50:26PM +0000, Phillip Lougher wrote:

Paul Jackson wrote:

In the overall kernel (Linus's bk tree) I count:

733 lines matching 'for *( *; *; *)'
718 lines matching 'while *( *1 *)'

In the kernel/*.c files, I count 15 of the 'for(;;)' style and 1 of the
'while(1)' style.

Certainly the 'for(;;)' style is acceptable, and even slightly to
substantially dominant, depending on which piece of code you're in.

I prefer the 'while' style, and only used 'for' because that's what I thought the kernel used.

If no-one objects I'll change it back to while...

Shouldn't issues like this be in the coding style document?

This particular point is rather trivial. Do whatever suits you.

It's a shame the 'rather trivial' issue got picked up in the first place then :-) I didn't raise the issue.

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