Re: Building server-farm

From: Wiktor
Date: Tue Mar 15 2005 - 14:37:57 EST


see, in fact it is not huge commercial solution what i need - i'm interested in squeezing every single electron from machines i have in school, and i thought that for some applications cluster is the best method of sharing computing power. i'm not thinking (yet) about optimizing it to some particular function. i simply wanted to know how clustrer works and how it makes use of multiple machines. but, the system has to satisfy one limitation - it must be completly usuable in floppy-booting mode (machines i can use are normally used under control of Micro$oft (r) Win*** (tm) eXPloit Sewer and i cannot reinstall their systems without being sucked from school, so i can incorporate them into cluster only by booting system from another medium, prefferably from floppy). as far i've tested openMosix, and it works quite good. maybe in future i will be given a real server-farm, where i could set up everything sane. but now i need only links to some solutions, so i can test them.
thanks for your help

May the Source be with you
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