Re: qla2xxx fail over support

From: Lincoln Dale
Date: Tue Mar 15 2005 - 18:05:22 EST

At 07:43 AM 16/03/2005, comsatcat wrote:
Unfortunantly all the beta drivers seem to have issues working with
mcdata switches. I've tried about 10 different versions available from
qlogic's ftp and all of them give trace messages and "scheduling while
atomic" messages when detecting luns that are going through the mcdata
switch. any suggestions would be appreciated (along with whom to
contact at qlogic regarding beta driver development).

use a Cisco MDS FC switch and all your problems will go away. :-)
just kidding ... the errors you're seeing will likely happen regardless of what brand FC switch you have .. LUN Discovery and/or FC NS queries are likely the same regardless of FC switch.

what you're seeing is essentially a bug in the qlogic driver - and likely why it was listed as being "beta".

if you're after multipathing support, rather than doing it in the FC driver, may i suggest that you instead look at using Christophe Varoqui's excellent multipath-tools (see which i have used successfully here across a range of midrange & enterprise storage arrays


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