Re: [PATCH][RFC] /proc umask and gid [was: Make /proc/<pid>chmod'able]

From: Albert Cahalan
Date: Tue Mar 15 2005 - 23:47:34 EST

On Wed, 2005-03-16 at 03:39 +0100, Rene Scharfe wrote:
> So, I gather from the feedback I've got that chmod'able /proc/<pid>
> would be a bit over the top. 8-) While providing the easiest and most
> intuitive user interface for changing the permissions on those
> directories, it is overkill. Paul is right when he says that such a
> feature should be turned on or off for all sessions at once, and that's
> it.
> My patch had at least one other problem: the contents of eac
> /proc/<pid> directory became chmod'able, too, which was not intended.
> Instead of fixing it up I took two steps back, dusted off the umask
> kernel parameter patch and added the "special gid" feature I mentioned.
> Without the new kernel parameters behaviour is unchanged. Add
> proc.umask=077 and all /proc/<pid> will get a permission mode of 500.
> This breaks pstree (no output), as Bodo already noted, because this
> program needs access to /proc/1. It also breaks w -- it shows the
> correct number of users but it lists XXXXX even for sessions owned
> by the user running it.
> Use proc.umask=007 and proc.gid=50 instead and all /proc/<pid> dirs
> will have a mode of 550 and their group attribute will be set to 50
> (that's "staff" on my Debian system). Pstree will work for all members
> of that special group (just like top, ps and w -- which also show
> everything in that case). Normal users will still have a restricted
> view.
> Albert, would you take fixes for w even though you despise the feature
> that makes them necessary?

I will take patches if they are not too messy and they do not
cause tools to report garbage output. For example, I do not
wish to have tools reporting -1, 0, or uninitialized data in
place of correct data.

Distinct controls for the various files could be useful.
I might want to make /proc/*/cmdline be public, or make
/proc/*/maps be private. This is particularly helpful if
a low-security file is added for bare-bones ps operation.

You might make a special exception for built-in kernel tasks
and init.

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