Re: Playing with SATA NCQ

From: Michael Thonke
Date: Sun May 29 2005 - 13:29:24 EST

Jeff Garzik schrieb:

> Erik Slagter wrote:
>> I guess the only way to have, for example the ICH6, not using legacy
>> IRQ/ports, is to switch it to AHCI, which only the BIOS can do (if
>> implemented).
> "native mode" is where PATA and/or SATA PCI device is programmed into
> full PCI mode -- PCI BARs, PCI irq, etc. Some BIOSen allow you to
> enable mode, which disables all use of legacy IRQ/ports.
> Also, ICH6 silicon does not support AHCI, only ICH6-R and ICH6-M.
> Jeff
Hello Jeff,

AHCI also works when the so called option "RAID mode" on ICH6R/ICH7 is set.

One question in addition when will the patch of Jens in libata-2.6
tree?or is it already merged?

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