Opening Day for OpenSolaris

From: Jim Grisanzio
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 10:19:50 EST

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Sun is Open Sourcing Solaris OS
Today, June 14, 2005, is Opening Day for OpenSolaris.

Dear Sun Community Member:

I'm happy to tell you that the OpenSolaris project is now open, and we welcome your participation at our new community site:

When you visit the site you'll see we have the OpenSolaris source code, a new source browser, build tools, documentation, a community portal, mailing lists, blogs, and much more.

There are many ways for developers to immediately start contributing to the project, such as testing code, fixing bugs, documenting processes, and suggesting RFEs. You can also follow the technical conversations among Solaris engineers and the community on the long-term co-development model. Additionally, Sun is collaborating with the OpenSolaris Community Advisory board (CAB) on the overall governance proposal -- which will be debated, iterated, and ratified in the open right on

There are also 145 OpenSolaris Pilot Program participants from around the world who have been working with Sun for nine months on the project. They have detailed knowledge of the code and tools, so many of them -- in collaboration with engineers at Sun -- can help educate new community members. The best place to meet these developers is the project's main discuss list.

The OpenSolaris source base is large, around 10 million lines, but if you go to you will see hundreds of OpenSolaris engineering blogs from across Sun's engineering community explaining in detail the code they have written. The amount of technical content in these engineering blogs is impressive, and you can expect even more as we go. You can also find those blogs, as well as the pilot community blogs, at

We have tried to make the OpenSolaris project a place where engineers talk directly to engineers. This is the first step in the process, and we welcome your involvement. This is a community that takes collaboration and quality seriously. It's a community that has a lot of offer, and it's a community that's open minded. Come join us.

Jim Grisanzio
Community Manager, OpenSolaris


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