Re: aoe fails on sparc64

From: Jim MacBaine
Date: Sat Sep 17 2005 - 05:11:00 EST

On 9/17/05, David S. Miller <davem@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This patch should fix the bug.
> diff --git a/arch/sparc64/kernel/una_asm.S b/arch/sparc64/kernel/una_asm.S
> diff --git a/arch/sparc64/kernel/unaligned.c b/arch/sparc64/kernel/unaligned.c

Was this patch meant to be applied to a fresh 2.6.13 kernel without
any of Ed's patches? If so, I cannot confirm that this patch works.
The aoe driver still reports a wrong size:

sunny:~# modprobe aoe
aoe: aoe_init: AoE v2.6-10 initialised.
etherd/e0.0: unknown partition table
aoe: 0011xxxxxxxx e0.0 v4000 has 7441392446501552128 sectors

The exported file has got a size of 19088743 sectors.

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