Re: [Fastboot] [PATCH] Kdump(x86): add note type NT_KDUMPINFOtokernel core dumps

From: Eric W. Biederman
Date: Thu Sep 22 2005 - 11:33:39 EST

Dave Anderson <anderson@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Just flagging the cpu, and then mapping that to the stack pointer found in
> the associated NT_PRSTATUS register set should work OK too. It gets
> a little muddy if it crashed while running on an IRQ stack, but it still can be
> tracked back from there as well. (although not if the crashing task overflowed
> the IRQ stack)

You can't track it back from the crashing cpu if the IRQ stack overflows
either. So I would rather have crash confused when trying to find the
task_struct. Then to have the kernel fail avoidably while attempting
to capture a core dump.

Even if you overflow the stack wit a bit of detective work it should still
be possible to show the stack overflowed and correct for it when analyzing
the crash dump. Doing anything like that from a crashing cpu (in a
reliable way) is very hard.

> The task_struct would be ideal though -- if the kernel's use of task_structs
> changes in the future, well, then crash is going to need a serious re-write
> anyway... FWIW, netdump and diskdump use the NT_TASKSTRUCT note
> note to store just the "current" pointer, and not the whole task_struct itself,
> which would just be a waste of space in the ELF header for crash's purposes.
> And looking at the gdb sources, it appears to be totally ignored. Who
> uses the NT_TASKSTRUCT note anyway?

Good question, especially as the kernel exports whatever we have for
a task struct today in the ELF note. No ABI compatibility is

Given all of that I recommend an empty NT_TASKSTRUCT to flag the
crashing cpu, for now.

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