Re: [2.6] binfmt_elf bug (exposed by klibc).

From: PaweÅ Sikora
Date: Sat Oct 08 2005 - 14:30:22 EST

Dnia sobota, 8 paÅdziernika 2005 16:30, Jan-Benedict Glaw napisaÅ:
> On Sat, 2005-10-08 00:42:58 +0200, PaweÅ Sikora <pluto@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > Did somebody accidentally
> > > screw up some kernel code between 2.6.13 and 2.6.14?
> >
> > I think kernel elf loader doesn't handle binaries without .bss.
> > Earlier binutils (<2.16) emits zero-sized .data/.bss and problem
> > wasn't exposed. Modern binutils doesn't emit useless zero-sized
> > .data/.bss sections and kernel kills these binaries.
> I had this problem at some time, too. This was when I started to redo
> the uClibc port to vax-linux, which I started with a hand-crafted
> assembly file. It also crashed upon execution, though I was sure the
> program was technically okay.

I think kernel wrongly assumes that all binaries in the world have
.text and at least .data/.bss. E.g. in embedded world software are
often pure, minimalistic and technically okay.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing.
- Edmund Burke
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