libata queue updated

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Sun Oct 09 2005 - 10:22:47 EST

Below is the contents of the current 'upstream' branch of

All this will be pushed upstream as soon as 2.6.14 is released.

The SATA status pages should also reflects the latest changes,

Alan Cox:
ata: re-order speeds sensibly.
libata: bitmask based pci init functions for one or two ports

Albert Lee:
[libata] C/H/S support, for older devices
libata: indent and whitespace change
libata: rename host states
libata: minor whitespace, comment, debug message updates
[libata scsi] tidy up SCSI lba and xfer len calculations
[libata scsi] add CHS support to ata_scsi_start_stop_xlat()

Andy Currid:
Fix sata_nv handling of NVIDIA MCP51/55

Brett Russ:
libata: Marvell SATA support (DMA mode) (resend: v0.22)
libata: Marvell spinlock fixes and simplification
libata: Marvell function headers

Douglas Gilbert:
[libata scsi] add ata_scsi_set_sense helper
[libata scsi] improve scsi error handling with ata_scsi_set_sense()

Jeff Garzik:
libata: move EH docs to separate DocBook chapter
[libata] improve device scan
[libata] improve device scan even more
libata: add ata_ratelimit(), use it in AHCI driver irq handler
libata: ATAPI command completion tweaks and notes
libata: move atapi_request_sense() to libata-scsi module
[libata sata_mv] fix warning
libata: minor cleanups

Tejun Heo:
SATA: rewritten sil24 driver
sil24: add FIXME comment above ata_device_add
sil24: remove irq disable code on spurious interrupt
sil24: add testing for PCI fault
sil24: move error handling out of hot interrupt path
sil24: remove PORT_TF
sil24: replace pp->port w/ ap->ioaddr.cmd_addr
sil24: fix PORT_CTRL_STAT constants
sil24: add more comments for constants
sil24: initialization fix
libata EH document update
libata: add ATA exceptions chapter to doc
sil24: ignore non-error exception irqs
sil24: remove CMDERR clearing
sil24: implement proper TF register reading & caching
sil24: implement tf_read callback
[libata sata_sil24] nit pickings
[libata sata_sil24] add support for 3131/3531

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